Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and we encourage anyone looking to add a 4-legged family member to consider adopting a dog or cat from your local humane society or shelter.  There are many benefits to adopting a dog or cat versus buying a kitten or puppy.  These include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Animals tend to be older and therefore house trained, socialized and mature in size
  • Often they are already spayed or neutered – a great benefit to you, and a saved expense further down the line
  • The dog or cat has more often then not, already reached their full size – this is often why some dogs end up in a shelter in the first place.  All puppies are adorable when they are little, and people often don’t realize how big and how boisterous a puppy may get as an adult.
  • Experienced workers at the shelter have a grasp on the animal’s personality and who would best fit in with your family.  This is a great bonus, as you get an idea of how this pet will fit with your lifestyle, your family and your time commitment.  Shelter workers know if the dog likes children, gets along with other pets, level of exercise and physical needs.

CanEVA supports the tireless and energetic efforts of all the staff, trainers and vets who work at shelters and dog rescues.  Check out the science behind CanEVA to see how our product can help your rescue dog or cat maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Happy Birthday!!!

CanEVA congratulates our founder Barbara on yet another successful year.  We won’t tell you how old she is in dog years! CanEVA HUMAN is getting a new look to celebrate Barbs birthday and we are planning big celebrations and promotions this year for both our 4-legged and 2-legged customers.  Isn’t it great that there is one great supplement that both you and your pets can take for increased mobility, relief of discomfort in your joints and another bonus…helps grow your hair, nails and fur.

Happy birthday!

Pet Photo Day July 11th

the cute, fabulous pet photos of our customers and followers.  Please send us your best Pet Photo, whatever pet you want to share with us is great!  The best photo will be posted on our website and will receive a 15g bottle of CanEVA PET and posted on our website and our Instagram.  Contest opens today and the winner will be posted on July 11th.  Mouffett is doing her best Diane Ross impression (even though we told her she was disqualified!).  Send your photo today to

Canada Day / Independence Day Caneva Sale


More pets disappear during this week-end then any other time of the year!  People may love the visual and audio celebration of fireworks but cats and dogs have no idea what is going on and instinctively run and hide from loud noise and vibrant lights in the sky.  If you think your dog is going to enjoy a BBQ sausage and a twilight display…think again!  The best thing you can do for your pets on the eve of July 1 or July 4th is ensure they are safely secured in an area they are familiar and happy with,  all windows and doors securely locked.  If you are home with your dog and his anxiety increases try shutting the curtains, turning up the music and act calm as if nothing is happening.  If the condition increases try a Thundershirt.

Join the CanEVA Gang June 22 2019 at the Ruff Mudder Canine Course

Join the CanEVA gang on June 22, 2019 at the Ruff Mudder Canine obstacle course in Staynor Ontario.

All dogs and humans are invited to participate in dog agility contests at their muddiest. Trek the 5km course going over and under 80+ obstacles through the muddy forests and fields.  If getting dirty isn’t your thing help break the Guinness world record for the largest Doga Class!  Yes, yoga with your dog puts a new spin on the traditional downward dog.  Opening and Closing Times: First heats start on Saturday at 9:00 and last heat leaves at 3 on Sunday.  Address: 6725 Hwy 26, Stayner NOB1S2

Website: Http://

Happy Birthday Garfield!!!

If you are over 40 you remember the antics of Garfield the cat, his human Jon Arbuckle and Odie the dog.  Jim Davis created this iconic cat in 1978 and held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip. Common themes in the strip include Garfield’s laziness, obsessive eating, coffee, and disdain of Mondays and diets. Cat lovers all over the world fell in love with the orange tabby with the bad attitude so much so, that June 19th is Garfield Day!

CanEVA pets has a supplement to assist in the mobility and joint health of your cat!  Your flesh and blood cat may not look as good as the animated Garfield at 48 years old but we want to make sure he still remains healthy and happy!  The glucosamine and hyaluronic acid found in our elk velvet antler has health benefits for your aging cat.  Explore the possibilities on our website under the Pets tab.

Take your pet to work week!!!

Take your pet to work week is June 17 – 21 and wouldn’t it be great if you could take our best friend to work with you? Workplace culture is changing on this issue, more people are taking their pets to work with them, and employers are seeing surprising results. A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) found that employees who brought their dog to work had low-stress levels compared to people who left their dog’s at home. Dogs in the office also meant more interaction between employees. Coworkers don’t usually interact with each other beforehand use the dog as a catalyst for communication.  The mental break of interacting with the dogs allows time  to de-stress before returning to their tasks at hand with a refreshed outlook and energy.  Luckily, working in the pet industry my dogs are constantly at my side and we encourage others to bring their dogs to the office.  If you are lucky enough to be the one making decisions at the office maybe this is the right time to experiment with allowing pets to come to the office.  If you need help presenting the case to your boss the benefits include: Decreasing stress, Increased communication between the team and departments, happier employees and improved culture.

Flea and Tick Season is back!

Anyone living in a region that has 4 seasons and owns a dog or cat knows that the onset of Spring means flea and tick season is right behind the blooming of tulips.  The big question always seems to be.”does my pet need treatment for fleas and ticks and what one is best?” The answer to the first question is a resounding yes! Fleas can be a nightmare, not only to the discomfort and irritation to your dog or cat, but a anyone who has a flea infestation in their home knows how pesky these microscopic bugs can be!  Ticks are even worse for your pet and can lead to a wide range of health problems, from skin infections to Lyme disease.  Prevention is best done with one of the many veterinary-approved flea (and tick) preparations available on the market. There are topicals, collars, and shampoos, each made for specific needs.  Always read the label on the product!  Spend time to inspect your dogs and yourself for ticks after walks through the woods or grassy settings. On dogs, look especially on the feet (and between toes), on lips, around eyes, ears (and inside ears), near the anus, and under the tail.  The quicker you remove a tick, the less likely your dog will contract a secondary illness related to tick bites.  There is a proper method to remove a tick and you can’t leave a piece of the bug behind.  If you suspect your dog has a tick, and you are not confident enough to remove it… consult with a veterinarian.  Lastly, keep your grass cut low and try to avoid walking in wooded areas or tall grasses.  If you own multiple dogs, treat them all at the SAME time. This will help prevent cross infestation.

Blame it on the Dog!

It wasn’t me…it was the dog!  How often do you use that line when an odd aroma penetrates a room? Dogs definitely pass, regardless of their age, size, or breed.  Often dogs get gas from swallowing too much air, which often happens when dogs eat too quickly.  Any respiratory disease that increases the breathing rate may also cause the swallowing of air, as will feeding a dog directly after exercise, before their breathing rate has slowed down.  Other culprits causing dog gas include having a sedentary lifestyle and eating difficult to digest food such as soybeans, beans, spoiled food, high-fat food, high-fiber food, milk products, and spices. If the increase in gas is also accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite and weight let your Vet know about it!

Weirdly enough the more hydrogen sulfide, the smellier it is.  There isn’t much you can do for a dog’s smelly gas except manage what they eat and avoid some of the ingredients listed above. If you are trying the CanEVA supplement with your dog, we would love to hear if you have seen any changes in your dog’s gas!  In the meantime, “blaming it on the dog” is always acceptable.

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