is elk velvet good for my pet

Can I Give this Product to My Pets?

by Clinton Balok, DVM

The following article appears in Velvet Antler – A Gift From Nature by Cindy Ewashkiw & Marion Allen Ph.D., R.N.

In today’s society, pets have become an integral part of the family structure. Because of the importance of pets, owners have become very conscientious about the health and quality of life of those pets. With the average person far outliving their pets, the want for health and longevity of the family pet is certainly understandable.


Velvet antler (Cervus elaphus) is a typical traditional animal medicine. It is considered to have various pharmacological effects including stimulation of the immune system, increase in the physical strength, and enhancement of sexual function.

Impact of Pets on Your Health

You may have heard of specially trained dogs that visit senior’s homes or children’s hospitals or schools.  This is because there is a direct link to improved health if there is a companion pet in your life, even if it does not live with you.  There are many studies that indicate the benefits from reduced stress, better heart health and improved outlook on life and well being.  …

Effects of Velvet Antler on Athletic Performance

This study investigated the physiological and potential performance enhancing effects of velvet antler supplementation in men. Thirty-two males between the ages of 18 and 35, with at least four years of weight lifting experience, were randomly assigned using a double-blinded procedure into either a placebo or velvet antler treatment group. The placebo group received sugar pills while the treatment group received 1500 mg of velvet antler once in the morning and immediately prior to bed time. …

Velvet Antler: A Literature Review

Helen J. Batchelder

Multicultural Use
Velvet Antler Processing and Composition
Indications For Use
Summary Of Biochemical Effects & Implications For Research

Helen J. Batchelder, senior editor of content and research at, has served as senior writer and special products writer for Integrative Medicine Communications (I MC) in Newton, MA, and most currently worked on an expanded version of The Complete German Commission E Monographs for IMC and the American Botanical Council. Author of Everything You Need to Know About PMS, part of Prima Health’s Natural Pharmacy series, Ms. Batchelder was also the associate editor of Herbal Research Publication’s Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine. …

CanEVA™ Pets – Hollistic Help For An Older Setter

by Dr. Leo Rosenberg, Chiropractor

rosenbergDr. Leo Rosenberg adjusting 11 yr. old Chelsea

Chelsea is an 11 yr. old female English Setter. Prior to her chiropractic consultation, she had been limping for three weeks. Apparently, she had jumped off the porch, started favouring her left hind leg and had to be lifted on to the couch; she was struggling to go up the stairs. Before consulting me, she had been prescribed two aspirin (81 mg. each) per day as well as glucosamine. The limping, listlessness and left knee clicking continued.On examination, Chelsea was “bunny hopping”, lifting and favouring the left hind leg.

She was tender at the lowest low back vertebra (L7) and yelped when pressure was applied. Her reflexes were normal and there was no evidence of a cruciate ligament tear in the knee, (“drawer sign” exhibited normal mobility).

Chiropractic spinal adjustments were administered to relieve the spinal twisting and subsequent nerve pressure to the left hind leg. Activity was partially and temporarily restricted. Two capsules or scoops/day of CanEVA™ Pets was prescribed as Chelsea demonstrated some aging, arthritic symptoms such as clicking sounds and tenderness of the pelvic areas.

Within 6 chiropractic adjustments and two weeks of CanEVA™ Pets (Elk Velvet Antler) she was “limping less, more frisky and clicking less”. Prior to the CanEVA™ Pets and chiropractic care, Chelsea had been taking another popular glucosamine blend with no improvement.

Further improvement is anticipated with reduced frequency of chiropractic care.

Continued use of CanEVA™ Pets is recommended to maintain joint flexibility of the spine and extremities. John and Edie, Chelsea’s owners claim that she is putting more weight on her left hind leg.

“I think it’s great” was Edie’s comment!

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