Health Myths To Let Go Of – Part 1

There is so much information available about health these days that it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed. Constantly updating news and conflicting reports can make you feel defeated in your quest to get healthy before you even start. That leads to creating excuses as to why you can’t take action to get healthier. Here are seven common excuses, and why you should stop those lies in their tracks!

CanEVA Health Myths To Let Go Of

5 Exercises To Enjoy In The Spring

Sometimes winter can feel like it lasts forever. But eventually, we get to shed our winter coats and soak up that sun! Now that temperatures are warming up and the snow has all but disappeared, it’s the perfect time to take that exercise routine outside. (Or pick it up again, if you’re a winter hibernator!) Here are six low-impact exercises that will take you outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Signs Of Arthritis To Watch For In Your Pet

When you’re not feeling well, it’s easy for you to fix. You take vitamins and medicine, you drink some chicken soup, you visit the doctor. But unlike you, pets aren’t able to speak up when something isn’t right. So when pets experience pain from conditions such as arthritis, it isn’t always easy to tell. That’s why pet owners need to be alert, and able to recognize the signs of pet discomfort and illness.

5 Foods That Are Harmful For Your Pet

This week, March 19-25, is Animal Poison Prevention Week. At CanEVA, we believe it’s important to be educated on what is harmful to your pet. Many people cook for their pets or feed them scraps from the table. In doing this, it is easy to let harmful ingredients slip through. But with proper education, you can make your kitchen a safe place for your pet. Here are some foods that can make your pets sick if ingested.

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