6 Signs You Have A Sick Pet

We’d like to think that we know our pets pretty well, but it’s not always easy to tell if you have a sick pet on your hands. As much as we wish that they could tell us how they’re feeling, they have no clear way of communicating it to us. Luckily, if you know some of the signs to watch for, you’ll be able to help your pet get healthy again in no time!

CanEVA Signs You Have A Sick Pet

6 Tips For A Healthier Diet

It’s no secret that the amount of health information on the internet is overwhelming. Worse again, so much of it is out-of-date and incorrect. With these problems, eating a healthier diet can feel nearly impossible.

So how do you keep healthy with all this mixed information around?

Through all the clutter, there are some tips that remain tried-and-true. One thing you should never do is chase fad The basis of The Mediterranean Diet has been a consistently well-rounded and healthy recommendation for those looking to improve their eating habits.

CanEVA 6 Tips For A Healthier Diet

CanEVA’s Tips For Holiday Safety

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from CanEVA! ‘Tis the season for joy and fun, but that doesn’t mean that health and safety take a back seat! Holiday safety is a very important thing to keep in mind this time of year. With the cold weather, extra lights, and a number of other factors, the possibility of an accident is ever-present. With these tips, CanEVA can help make your holiday safe and healthy!

CanEVA's Tips For Holiday Safety

Sleep And Your Health – Part 1

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. It’s an imperative part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and one that many people let fall by the wayside. Proper rest can improve your physical health, mental health, the risk of disease, and a number of other aspects of your life.

But how many people actually get the amount of sleep they require?

CanEVA sleep & health

7 Human Foods Your Pets Can Eat

A little while ago we wrote about foods that are dangerous for your pets to eat. But sometimes when their sweet little eyes are looking at you, it’s hard to say no! But there are human foods that pets can eat! So next time you feel inclined to give in to those faces, try one of these treats! They’re safe for your pets to share with you. Just remember that any treat should be given in moderation!


CanEVA Human Foods Your Pets Can Eat

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