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About CanEVA™

Founded in 2004 by the visionary couple, David Harper and Barbara Kay, Elk Velvet farming was more than just a business; it was a testament to their shared passion for holistic wellness and sustainable living.

For years, David and Barb, along with their partners Eric and Dale Robinson, poured their hearts and souls into nurturing their farms, specializing in the ethical harvesting of elk antler velvet—a prized ingredient known for its potent medicinal properties.  Together, they cultivated a thriving enterprise, earning recognition for their integrity, customer service and commitment to science-backed quality products.  With their combined experience in pharmaceutical, biotech and farming background these four entrepreneurs worked together to build a Canadian-grown supplement company.

Following David’s untimely death in 2009, Barbara stopped farming and in 2014 she bought the Robinson’s share of the business.  With a determination to maintain the commitment to their vision, Barbara stepped into her new role as the sole owner of CanEVA. Today, CanEVA Health Corp is one of the top Elk Velvet Antler powder products with a product line extending to PEOPLE and PETS and over 50% repeat customers who are happy to share their stories of improved quality of life with Barbara.

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