like a puppy

charlie-healthy-boxer-canevaCharlie is our nearly 12 year old Boxer who has been taking CanEVA for the last 18 months after my Father recommended the product. Dad has been taking CanEVA for his arthritis and it was working for him so he thought it might work for Charlie. Charlie was having trouble climbing the stairs and jumping into the back of the car. Old age was starting to set in. I visited my new vet last week and she was really surprised when I told her how old Charlie was because she is so agile now and more like a puppy than a senior citizen. Thanks for this great product.

J.S., Barlborough, Derbyshire, UK

less pain in feet

By the end oof the second bottle, I noticed relief in my knees as they were really bad. I am walking a bit better .
I have less pain in my feet and knees, and I am starting to get my energy back.

Sharlene, Brucefield, ON

more energy

My arms and shoulders would hurt so bad that it was so hard for me to clean out my horse stalls, and now am able to without any discomfort. I seem to have more energy, and my mind seems clearer

Sharon, Midmay