• In about 8 days, I noticed relief in my wrist and ankles and knees. I am typing for longer periods also, I do a lot of data entry at work.

  • I noticed improved mobilility in my ankles, as well as much less pain. I recommended it to other patients with similar joint problems, and they too, noticed that CanEVA helped improve their conditions.

    Dr. Leo Rosenberg

  • I have to tell you if I don't take this product, I could not function. My L4 and L5 disc are slipped and my S1 nerve is compressed and are inoperable. I'm 40 and If I don't take Elk Velvet Antler I feel 80. I tell everyone and anyone who will listen. I wanted too thank all of you for this product being available. It has changed my life.

    Mrs. Robin Ouellette

  • After about 2 weeks, I felt less arthritic pain. It is much easier to walk short distances without my cane and up and down stairs. My hands are not as stiff.

    Terri, Wiarton, ON

  • I have arthritis in my lower back and fingers. I have only had 2 days of symptoms in 2 months. I use to have pain every day.

    Susan, Flesherton, ON

Barbara's Blog

CanEVA Improves Dog's Mobility

We are receiving more and more testimonials from people who's pets have responded to CanEVA for arthritis and joint mobility problems.

 I wanted to share an email I received earlier this week.

Our customer wrote in to say she had bought a bottle of CanEVA-K9 “in August for my parent's Airedale that is suffering extreme muscle atrophy in his hind quarter's due to his heart medication.

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